Craft Beer Craze Hits Mainstream Hotel Business

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By HOTEL INTERACTIVE — As the saying goes, “It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.” What “it” is these days is resort and hotel food and beverage executives tasting the hundreds (if not thousands) of craft beers in order to select what ones fit best with their properties and restaurants. Craft beer, […]

Beer Tasting 101: An introductory lesson to craft beer appreciation

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By NEWS 10 — Since around 7000 B.C. when some wonderful Sumerian stumbled across a strange concoction of bread, water and wild yeast, brewers have been trying to improve upon or add to one of the world’s most beloved discoveries. And for almost every barrel, keg, bottle or can produced over the centuries, there have […]

Craft Beer’s Heath Benefits

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By STONE BREW — Let me tell you about this amazing, invigorating health drink known as craft beer. For decades, red wine has received nearly all the publicity when it comes to the health benefits of alcoholic beverages, but I’m here to tell you that craft beer has just as many, if not more, health […]

Beer Pairing Tips

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Pairing particular beers and foods can be an interesting and delicious experience. There are no absolute rules to proper pairings. The goal, after all, is to satisfy personal taste. Here are some brief descriptions of popular styles of beer and recommendations for making successful food matches: Lambic Dry and light, very fruity beers, sometimes tart. […]

Karl Strauss Claims 16 Medals in June

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By BREWBOUND — Karl Strauss Brewing Company just wrapped up a busy awards season, taking home a combined 16 medals for its handcrafted beers from three major brewing competitions, including an impressive 16th win for Red Trolley Ale. The company’s recent competition success comes at the height of a record-breaking summer with beer sales up 26% […]