What’s an IBU?

POSTED ON February 12th  - POSTED IN Blog
This week, we’re looking at a well-known, yet little understood way of measuring how bitter a beer is. IBU’s are often thrown around as a trendy stat on product labels and beer descriptions, and while they’re a very relevant way of measuring certain aspects of a beer’s flavor and aroma, they do not (in any way) make […]

Why Guinness Really Is Good For You

POSTED ON January 27th  - POSTED IN Blog
The old slogan, “Guinness is Good For You,” might actually be true. Well, partly true. Though the company dropped the slogan years ago, that drinking a moderate amount of Guinness might make you healthier.

New Year’s Resolutions: Try These 5 Gluten-free Beers

POSTED ON January 6th  - POSTED IN Blog
More and more breweries are crafting recipes with gluten-free grains and dabbling in gluten removal in their beers. Here are five gluten-free beers to try in 2015. New Grist Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) The Lakefront Brewery New Grist pilsner was the first gluten-free beer to be granted label approval by the U.S. government. Each batch […]

Brews Travelers Finish Epic Beer Road Trip

POSTED ON January 2nd  - POSTED IN Blog
Well, they did it. Brandon Wurtz and Michael Roberts, otherwise known as the Brews Travelers, have finished their year-long road trip across the country, hitting breweries in every state in the lower 48.

Pairing: Beer & popcorn

POSTED ON December 17th  - POSTED IN Blog
Don’t re-gift that tin you got from your insurance guy: Try these beer pairings for a holiday snack that really pops. cheddar + brown ale Cheddar popcorn’s addiction factor sails when salty, cheesy tang melts right into a brown ale’s soft dark malt and chocolate; you’ll be caught orange-handed. butter + ESB If only you […]

7 Spicy Craft Beers to Try

POSTED ON December 4th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized
Sriracha, the beloved and now iconic chili sauce, has made its way into chips, hummus, and even ice cream, so it was only a matter of time before a brewery rolled out their own tangy take. And here it is: Oregon’s Rogue Ales announced that they will be releasing a Sriracha Hot Stout in December. The […]

Frightful Brew: 8 Spooky Beers for Halloween

POSTED ON October 29th  - POSTED IN Uncategorized
With Halloween only a couple days away, we pulled together a list of some of the scariest beers out there. Terrifying names and frightening labels make these brews perfect for setting the scene at your Halloween party — you’ll get the chills before you even take your first sip.

5 Must-Drink Oatmeal Stouts

POSTED ON October 28th  - POSTED IN Blog
Halloween candy is just fine, but come fall, I crave creamy, chocolatey oatmeal stout. These beers are silky-smooth thanks to the oaty addition, and the flavors tend to evoke roasty coffee with cream. They’re ideal for serving with all sorts of autumnal meals: roasted root vegetables and pork shoulder, slow-braised beef stews or chili. When […]