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CO2 Safety Monitors From Analox

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The Dangers of CO2 for Restaurant and Bar Employees

In order to make carbonated beverages carbonated, CO2 must be infused into the liquid. Carbonated beverage machines are installed in just about every restaurant and bar across America. Most customers don't think anything about them; they are everywhere. But for restaurant and bar managers and employees, the dangers and risks associated with working closely with carbonated beverage machines are a reality.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas that is toxic to humans in concentrations as low as 0.5%, and a leak in one of these carbonated beverage systems exposes those nearby to toxic fumes. Carbon dioxide is odorless and colorless and can go undetected until adverse effects begin taking place. Leaks can occur due to improper installation, a faulty system, and simple user error. In order to be sure that leaks of CO2 do not go undetected, it is important and often mandated by OSHA for all restaurant and bar establishments to have a CO2 detector. Without awareness of a leak, employees are at risk of succumbing to CO2 poisoning, which induces symptoms like headaches, deeper breathing, and increased heart rates. If the person is not removed from the area with a high concentration of CO2, symptoms will reach the point of unconsciousness and then death, all of which are caused by the simple inhalation of CO2.

Physiological Effect of CO2 Inhalation

Because CO2 is colorless and odorless, symptoms of inhalation can occur for seemingly no reason. The effects of CO2 inhalation may at first be attributed to something else and the victim may have no idea of the seriousness of the issue. When a person begins to inhale CO2 instead of oxygen, rapid breathing and headaches can begin to occur. The body will try to breathe faster so that it can take in more oxygen when it realizes it is being deprived of oxygen. But, that will cause the person to inhale even more CO2, which can cause headaches due to low oxygen levels. If the brain is deprived of oxygen for long enough, the body will pass out to cease all other functions besides focusing on breathing. At this point, the person is unable to move away from the CO2 source and someone else needs to remove them to prevent death. If the person is completely starved of oxygen, they will die of asphyxiation.

Are Your Workplaces Safe?

These are very real dangers that employees of restaurants and bars can potentially be exposed to while at work. But, there are ways to ensure your workplace is a safe place to be. One of the main ways to do this is by installing CO2 monitors. CO2 monitors work like smoke detectors. We keep smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in our homes because these gases are dangerous to us, and we want to be warned of their presence before it is too late. Similarly, restaurants and bars should have CO2 detectors/monitors because that is the gas most likely to cause problems. Without any sort of CO2 monitor or detector in an establishment where carbonated beverage machines are used, the employees could be at risk.

Analox CO2 Safety Monitors Overview

Whether you need to install a CO2 monitor for the first time or you are looking for an upgrade to your current model, the Analox CO2 safety monitors are the place to start your search. Analox models are the industry leaders when it comes to any type of CO2 monitor. They have been tried and tested in all situations to be sure they are accurate and offer enough warning time for employees to rectify the situation and/or retreat from the contaminated area before any harm is done. Analox CO2 safety monitors are highly versatile and customizable, as well. They can be used to create and build a system of monitors or can be used standalone. Standards around the world, including National Boiler Inspection Code (NBIC), OSHA, NFPA55, and IFC, mandate that employees and members of the public are not exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2 as it's a highly toxic gas in relatively small quantities.

Popular Products

  • Analox A50 - This model of CO2 monitor is a wall mounted monitor best suited for a single point of monitoring that should be mounted near the location where a potential CO2 leak could occur. Should high levels of CO2 be detected, an audible and visual alarm will go off to warn employees and customers. For instances where an audible alarm may be difficult to hear, flashing LED lights will also warn anyone near the contaminated area of high levels of CO2. In addition to the standard model, the Analox A50 is also available in a dual monitor for both CO2 and nitrogen. If your building is at risk of a nitrogen leak as well, this detector is the perfect all in one. This monitor is ideal for places where these gases are stored or piped. Most commonly, this monitor is found in fast food restaurants, cafes, cider barns, breweries, craft breweries, wineries, kitchens, nuclear power plants, night clubs, swimming pools, sports stadiums, and spas and leisure centers. Besides keeping employees and customers safe, the monitor is in compliance with regulations from EH40, OSHA, NBIC, NFPA55, IFC and TUV that require employees and customers not be exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2.
  • Analox Ax60 - The Analox Ax60 is one of their most widely used products. It can be found in McDonald's restaurants across the world, to give you an idea of its widespread use. The unit is wall mountable and designed specifically for the beverage and hospitality industries, which require CO2 monitoring in multiple site locations. It is ideal for fast food restaurants and pub cellars. The Analox Ax60 comes with a central display unit and can be connected with multiple sensors and monitors. Sensors can and should be placed in high impact areas where CO2 accumulation is most likely to occur. They should be placed at low levels near the floor since CO2 is heavier than air. If high levels of CO2 are detected, a warning, both audible and visual, will go off to warn employees and customers alike. An alarm will sound but, for noisy areas, a flashing LED will also go off to ensure everyone in the vicinity is aware of the threat. Besides keeping employees and customers safe, the monitor is in compliance with regulations from EH40, NBIC, OSHA, NFPA55, IFC and TUV that require employees and customers not be exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2.
  • Aspida - The Aspida CO2 monitor is a portable detector that can be used wherever needed throughout the building. It is designed to be a personal CO2 detector that can be worn on the body, but it also has the ability to be wall mounted as a backup CO2 monitor when one is needed. The unit is compact yet robust and able to detect CO2 with accurate precision. The Aspida is equipped with an audio/visual warning system to alert the user of high levels of CO2 in the area. It is available as a sole CO2 monitor, but like the Analox A50, can also be purchased as a dual monitor for both CO2 and nitrogen. The Aspida is both affordable and easy to use, making it one of the most popular CO2 monitors for employees on the go. It is best suited for beverage gas delivery drivers and technicians to ensure they are not exposed to high levels of CO2 while in their trucks or during the transfer of the units from the truck to the final destination. Besides keeping employees and customers safe, the monitor is in compliance with regulations from EH40, NBIC, OSHA, NFPA55, IFC and TUV that require employees and customers not be exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2.
  • Purchasing an Analox CO2 monitor is your best defense against a CO2 leak in your place of business, whether that is a fixed location or you are on the go. Accidents happen all of the time and being forewarned of danger is your greatest hope for survival. Any business in the food and beverage industry that uses CO2 should be equipped with a CO2 monitor, and when it comes to your life and the lives of your employees, you want the best - install an Analox CO2 monitor in your place of business.

    As the primary distributor of Analox CO2 monitors, Glacier has the knowledge and resources to expertly install one of these popular and necessary products in your bar, restaurant or fast food outlet. Call us today for more information. We are excited to partner with you to keep your workplace safe.

    Technical Specifications

    Ranges0.1 – 5%Operating Temp-5 to 45OC
    Repeatability2% of full scalePower110/240 VAC or 9- 24VDC
    TechniqueInfra red absorptionDimensions175 x 110 x 75 (mm)
    Response Time<45 seconds T90Protection IP66 /NEMA 4X. CE marked
    Dual Alarms VisualAlarm 1 and 2 visual red andAudioFault Visual Amber

    Stainless Steel Guard

    Optional accessory to protect the Analox A50™ CO2 Safety Monitor from damage.

    CO2 Safety Monitor Splash Guard

    Although the Analox A50 is rated IP65, NEMA 4 and is splash proof, in some areas, especially if high pressure hosing is used, water can be forced in to the CO2 sensor resulting in damage and false alarms. To protect against this, we recommend fitting a splash guard, the use of this water deflector does not affect the response time of the Analox A50.

    * Check here to see if your Gas Monitor is Waterproof.

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Analox A60 CO2 Detedtor

Analox AX60 CO2 Detector

The Ax60 is a wall mountable carbon dioxide (CO2) detector, designed specifically for the hospitality and beverage industry, such as fast food restaurants and pub cellars.

If you need any proof of the reliability of our Ax60 monitor, it has been approved by the McDonald's Corporation's 'Restaurant Solutions Group' and is installed in McDonald's restaurants across the world.


The Ax60 allows multiple placement of alarm and sensor units which are connected to a central display. Each alarm unit not only has an audible sounder but also utilises a high-intensity LED strobe light - perfect for warning of danger in noisy environments.


Standards around the world, including EH40, OSHA and TUV, mandate that employees and members of the public are not exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2 as it's a highly toxic gas in relatively small quantities.


The Central Display is wall-mounted in a convenient location such as an office. This monitors sensor units that are mounted at low-level in areas highlighted as a risk. Each sensor is connected to one or more alarm units to ensure warning of potential dangers is highlighted to everyone.


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Aspida Portable CO2 Monitor

Analox Aspida CO2 Portable Alam

The Analox Aspida is a truly personal alarm. Aspida the Greek word meaning shield, and like a shield this robust alarm is dedicated to protecting workers from the dangers of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) depletion.

The Analox Aspida is available as a dual CO2/O2 alarm or as a single gas variant. The Aspida is supplied with the usual features including: audio/visual alarms, Time Weighted Average (TWA), vibration alarm and a highly visible display all packaged into a durable, water resistant enclosure.

Intelligent Software

Users of the Analox Aspida will never need to worry about maintenance schedules again. The Aspida uses intelligent software which lets you know what requires maintenance and when – ensuring optimum performance of your unit. The software also allows 2 employees to share the unit, ideal for 24/7 split shift patterns.

Mandown / Panic Alarm

The Analox Aspida is the first gas alarm to incorporate a man down/panic alarm. The man down alarm will sound a loud (110db) audible alarm in the event of an employee collapsing. Alternatively, an employee can trigger the alarm manually in a panic situation.

Battery Flexibility

How often to you forget to recharge equipment? The Aspida offers additional flexibility with battery changing and charging. It is supplied with two rechargeable AA batteries; however, if you forget to charge your unit, you can fit and use two off the shelf AA batteries for the day.

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