ScanChecker Utility
Export to a 3rd Party POS System or Inventory Package
The ScanChecker Utility software along with the ScanChecker Scale is an effective tool used to accurately weigh and count liquor products located in a restaurant and bar environment to determine an accurate Inventory on hand value. By using the ScanChecker Scale, the user is able to move freely within the establishment without being burdened by cables and power cords.

DraftChecker consists of an incredibly accurate infrared flow sensor that measures how much draught beer has been poured out of each tap by your bartenders. The information is sent to your computer in the office, where it is compared with sales figures that have been imported from your point of sale system.

Freepour Studio
Liquor & Wine Inventory Monitoring System
With the Freepour Studio system, the software along with the extensive database of product data will accurately determine product usage and on hand inventory. Combined with this information, the software has built in interfaces which will import sales data from a variety of POS systems generating a number of powerful reports, such as a brand by brand Variance Report, Inventory on hand reports, and Sales/Recipe Import reports.

BottleChecker Classic
Liquor & Wine Monitoring System
Scanchecker Scale enhances our BottleChecker system eliminating the need to have it installed and operated at a bar terminal. The ScanChecker scale has the functionality of a regular scale but incorporates a built in 3D barcode scanner, along with memory to store the products weighed & counted. The ScanChecker Scale allows you to scan and weigh up to 15 bottles per minute. This system has been branded ScanChecker Classic.