National Lager Day 2012

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Credits: David Lillo

If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to indulge in a little holiday “spirit,” you’re in luck! Dec. 10, 2012, is National Lager Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates the smooth and refreshing Lager. Whether you consider yourself a novice or a beer connoisseur, today is the day to raise your glass and celebrate an ice cold brew!

The word ‘Lager’ is derived from the German word “lagern,” Lager is the most consumed type of beer in the world. In fact, many countries make their own versions. While ales are brewed with top-fermenting yeast and age quickly at warmer temperatures, lagers are light-bodied beer made by bottom fermentation that requires cooler temperatures and longer periods to mature.

National Lager Day 2012 Events:

In honor of National Lager Day, Samuel Adams is inviting everyone to participate in the Great Samuel Adams Boston Lager Log Off. All you need to do is Tweet @SamuelAdamsBeers with #BostonLagerLogOff or leave a post on Facebook with the tag “Samuel Adams,” and share where and how you are celebrating the refreshing occasion. Then, log off. Turn off those electronic devices, laptops, tablets, cell phones and computers and enjoy a great brew with friends and family.

The Urban Tavern, located in San Francisco, will be celebrating National Lager Day with $5 specials. If you are in the neck-of-the-woods, stop on by!

Enter the National Lager Day Sweepstakes. Just sign up for a chance to win a $50 AMEX Gift Card. No purchase is necessary but hurry, the sweepstakes ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Dec. 10, 2012.

So raise your glass and cheer a great tasting beer! It’s sure to cure whatever “ales” you! And speaking of Lager, be sure to check out these delicious Beer Recipes & Cocktails. As always, please drink responsibly. Cheers!

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