12 Ways To Do Beer Better

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Fresh beer in a Beer gardenWhether you’re brand-new to beer or have been sipping saisons for years, follow our guide to improving the way you buy, sip, store and enjoy the world’s greatest beverage. Click on the headings to read each tip.

1. TAKE NOTES. The notebook you need to keep it all straight.

2. GET THE RIGHT GLASSWARE…The 10 glasses you should buy for beer.

3. …AND KEEP IT CLEAN. How to clean your investment.

4. SIP SOMETHING ON CASK. But what does that mean?

5. APPLY YOURSELF.The (free!) beer apps you should download now.

6. KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE. Follow this chart to find out what flavors to ask for next time you order.

7. BUILD YOUR LIBRARY. The only three beer books you really need.

8. START A CELLAR. How to start the ultimate beer collection.

9. TASTE. A LOT. Six flavor-focused beer festivals to put on your bucket list.

10. LEARN THE LINGO. A few must-know beer words; for more, check out DRAFT’s Beer Dictionary.

11. FORGET THE MYTH. Does dark beer really mean stronger beer?

12. START PAIRING. The best pairings begin and end with cheese; here, a pro shares five never-fail matches.

Content source: draftmag.com

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