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New-School Cider

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Cider is quickly becoming the apple of the beer industry’s eye.

By Christopher Staten

Jeff Smith calls his business “the future of cider.” It’s a bold claim for any bar proprietor, especially one specializing in a historically mischaracterized, misunderstood and “miscellany”-categorized drink. But it’s no exaggeration: At Bushwhacker Cider in southeast Portland, Ore., the apple is king, and the future is very much here.

Past Bushwhacker’s garage-door façade is perhaps the most exhaustive collection of ciders in the country: Six taps and roughly 165 bottles pour every kind of cider imaginable and unimaginable. Funky, olivelike Spanish Basque ciders; dry English ciders; spritzy, sweet French ciders; obscure offerings from places like Lithuania; and, most notably, an ever-increasing list of American ciders, including a few taps dedicated to the avant-garde creations Smith crafts behind a chain-link enclosure at the back of the bar (Brett-spiked and gin-barrel-aged versions, to name a few). If the quickly expanding presence of the chronically overlooked drink is being curated anywhere, it’s here. And if you like craft beer, prepare to be swept up in cider’s momentum.

Introducing… The LiftRight Keg Lifter!

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When you’ve been in this business as long as we have, you might be lucky enough to stumble across a product so truly innovative, it brings with it the ability to revolutionize the entire industry.

This year, we had the colossal good fortune to be introduced to the LiftRight Keg Lifter – which by its simplest definition – allows beer kegs to be easily lifted and moved without the operator having to touch the keg. That’s right, no keg lifting, more employee safety and efficiency.  Naturally, because this product is such a no-brainer for our clients, we at Glacier Designs Systems, Inc. thought it’d be a tremendous addition to our line and promptly signed on as the exclusive North American distributor!    [Click here to order online]