Brews Travelers Finish Epic Beer Road Trip

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Well, they did it. Brandon Wurtz and Michael Roberts, otherwise known as the Brews Travelers, have finished their year-long road trip across the country, hitting breweries in every state in the lower 48. We’re not sure what they learned about themselves, or the state of craft beer, during their journey, but by the looks of things, they had a good time.

Here’s a numbers breakdown of their epic adventure.

Days on the road: 365
States visited: 48
Miles driven: 40,007
Breweries visited: 789

Wurtz and Roberts broke down their trip even further, with a full array of numbers and statistics on their website. Here are some of our favorites.

Average number of miles driven daily: 109.608
Highest price paid for gas: $4.83 (CAN)
Lowest price paid for gas: $1.83 (TX)
Times asked if brothers/ twins: 137
Number of beers named after us: 1 – Brews Travelers IPA at The Red Baron in Michigan
Most consecutive days without a shower: 5
Unique brews responsibly tasted: 8,044
Average number of new beers tasted per day: 19.52
Breweries visited: 789 total
Average breweries visited per day: 2.16
Most breweries visited in 1 day: 9 (4 in Bellingham, WA + 5 in BC, Canada)
Most breweries visited in 1 month: 102 (December)

By: Graham Averill

illustration by Brews Travelers

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