“Wine not?” Glacier Design Systems recently had the fortune of being able to say that to BXCR Wine Bar in the Anaheim Packing District when they approached us with their problem: They had no one willing to create a wine tap system with their specifications. The proclaimed Underground Wine Society prides themselves on both the experience of wine as well as the presentation, so it was important to them that they have a unique, top-of-the-line tap system to serve their wine.


They approached other companies, but no one had the solutions they needed. When they came to Glacier, we worked with them to give them exactly what they were looking for—and more. We designed and constructed a wine tap system that not only physically pours wine, but keeps each bottle at the exact temperature it needs to be stored in. The tap system has 8 faucets and a dual-zone kegerator so it can pour four different reds and four different whites.

More than all that, the owners of BXCR Wine Bar were thrilled with the design. They love that the taps only take up a small area and—even better—it makes for a great backdrop to the bar! The owners have had the taps installed for a year and a half now and continue to rave about their experience with Glacier. They consistently refer us to other business owners and, in the words of Dave Donaldson, the Director of Operations at BXCR Wine Bar, “I don’t know anybody else who does what they do!”