Karl Strauss Brewing Company (VIDEO)

Glacier recently had the pleasure of working with Karl Strauss’ Carlsbad location. Fred Glick and Marina Croce of Karl Strauss approached us with a great opportunity. They were remodeling the brewery—known for its onsite microbrewery, West Coast Pub Fare, and staff of craft beer enthusiasts—and needed a distinct tower design that would be unique to Karl Strauss. They wanted their bars to hold a prominent place in the restaurant and look more like tasting rooms. Excited to partner with such a renowned brand, we got to work on their bar remodel.


Working with Karl Strauss from start to finish, we provided options for them to choose from, ranging from overall design to final finishes. Ultimately we went with a 20-foot pipe tower design, which makes the tower appear as if it’s an extension of the brewery. Rather than going underground with the beer lines, we ran them over the top, from the brewery out into the taps. The two-sided mirror tower features 20 products on each side. This is a huge improvement from their previous bar, which only ran 10-12 taps. With this design in place, the taps become the focal point of the restaurant and Karl Strauss can provide its expanded beer offerings through the premier service of an on-location brewery.

So thrilled was the team at Karl Strauss with Glacier’s design and installation, that this design will now be the standard for all new and remodeled Karl Strauss locations. Karl Strauss praised Glacier’s helpful technicians, commitment to service and problem-solving abilities. We’re thrilled they are pleased with the end result and look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver great beer to their customers.