Public School 818 (VIDEO)

When you own a vibrant gastropub that’s known for its craft beers and delicious food, it’s important to have a beer system that matches its style. Just ask Public School 818 owner, John Sola. Public School 818 is an eatery that delivers quality beer and food. When Mr. Sola was looking for a company to install their new beer system, he knew that Glacier was the only company worth talking to.


Having worked with the restaurant before on five other Public School locations, Glacier was eager to plan out a beer system for their new and unique space. When it came to the design of the beer system, it was a challenge to create something that would fit in to the customized space. But with some maneuvering and collaborating with various architects, we were able to make a system that Public School 818 would be proud of.

The custom beer system was a five-inch pipe tower with 22 ales and lagers as well as two stouts in three pieces of eight faucets. We also installed four wines on tap from a Dual Zone Kegerator, which allows the wines to stay at their optimum temperatures.

Mr. Sola loved the design that we came up with. But more than that, he loved how Glacier handled its customer service as well as the maintenance we provided on the system. He explained that if you don’t have a beer system that works, then you’re not making money. He’s found that by working with Glacier, he hasn’t ever had that problem.

At the end of the day, we want the companies we work with to be successful in their beer endeavors. We’re happy to have provided Public School 818 a beer system that stands out above the rest.

“Everyone’s got a beer system. But what makes one above the other is really the design of it, how you maintain it and how you service it. I think Glacier is incredible and really differentiates themselves from other vendors that way,” said Mr. Sola.