Regents Pizzeria (VIDEO)

When the owners of Regents Pizzeria in La Jolla, CA wanted to build the best craft beer bar possible, they turned to Glacier Design Systems. “We told the folks at Glacier to build us your ultimate system,” says Bill Vivian, co-owner. “And they did. We’ve been very pleased with the response from our guests.”


Regents Pizzeria has become one of San Diego’s premier craft pizza and beer restaurants thanks to the incredible tap system designed by Glacier Design. It features 32 taps, including two taps specially designed for cask-conditioned beer and two with nitrogen. The cask beer is especially popular among patrons. Otherwise known as “real ale,” it requires a special cooling system and tap to preserve it and dispense it for ideal quality.

Regents Pizzeria is gaining notoriety with their weekly “Tap That Cask” event. Every Wednesday, they tap a new cask-conditioned beer and feature several taps from local breweries.

With such an intricate system, Bill and his partners knew the taps would require regular maintenance. That is why they signed up for the preventative maintenance program to protect their important investment. This has kept the taps at Regents Pizzeria running smoothly.

Not only do customers love this tap, but the employees enjoy how easy, effective and efficient the system is. Numbers are inscribed below each tap for easy reference. This makes service much easier for bartenders when there are 32 taps to manage.

“I absolutely recommend Glacier as one of the top systems out there,” adds Bill. “If and when we build another restaurant, they’ll be our first to go to.”