TomKat Lounge (VIDEO)

An essential part of owning a karaoke bar is making sure you have a well-designed beer system in place. After all, part of what makes karaoke so much fun is the cold beer waiting for you after you’re done singing.


So when Alan Paulson, owner of the sports-themed karaoke bar, TomKat Lounge, was setting up his restaurant’s bar, he understood the importance of choosing a high-quality beer installation company. That’s why he decided to go with Glacier Design Systems.

Paulson approached us and explained his wants and needs for the new beer system. Being able to dispense a variety of beers on draft was just one of the many important items on their list, so we made sure that our custom design fit their custom needs.

After several discussions and meetings with Paulson and his team at TomKat Lounge, we installed a new draught beer system that used an over and under tower approach. This allowed us to provide 24 beer faucets without taking up too much bar space.

From the initial design to the final installation, we made sure that our custom beer system was exactly what they wanted. “What I liked about Glacier was that from start to finish, their team never dropped the ball,” said Paulson. “They were able to tackle the job, create my vision and produce a wonderful beer system that my customers love.”

With the unique beer tower now set in place, Paulson could not be any happier with the results.
“I would recommend Glacier to another owner, hands down,” said Paulson. “Their designs were right on target, the sales process was easy and their staff was highly knowledgeable and helpful. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

We at Glacier Design Systems enjoyed working with TomKat Lounge and are excited for our future endeavors. For more information on our draught beer system design and installation as well as our maintenance services, please give us a call today at 877-617-BEER (2337).