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Glacier Design Systems, Inc. Creates a Unique Beer Tower for Sammy’s Original Restaurant in Lake Forest, California

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The Challengesammys1

Sammy’s Original, an off-track betting restaurant and bar, in Lake Forest, California, recently took over a former Black Angus location. In order to create their own unique space, they hired a restaurant design company to help them create their own brand experience.

Central to any betting restaurant, the bar is both a watering hole for some and a place to gather for others. For Sammy’s, the bar design needed to be impressive and inviting. However, as they were getting ready to install the beer tower, some issues sprang up.

The bar was designed to be an island bar, and the back bar was inside, therefore the lines had to come from the ceiling above. This posed a real challenge for the restaurant contractor.

Green Beer turns 100 years old!

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IT SHOULD not pass without acclaim that Monday marks the 100th anniversary of one of the great achievements in the history of Green Beer for St. Patrick's Daybeer.

On St. Patrick’s Day 1914, a New York City coroner named Dr. Thomas Hayes Curtin stood before his associates and others at a Bronx social club and unveiled his wondrous invention:

Green beer.

Never before had anyone laid eyes on such a spectacle. Beer, the color of shamrocks, filling the mugs of hundreds.

“Everything possible was green or decorated with that color,” an eyewitness reported. “and all through the banquet, Irish songs were sung and green beer was served.

“No, it wasn’t a green glass, but real beer in a regular colorless glass. But the amber hue was gone from the brew and a deep green was there instead.”

The Best Spring Break Ski Destinations for Beer Lovers

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Spring is breaking all over the country. The question is: beach or snow? For those who prefer balaclavas to bikinis, spring break is a time for first chairs, tree runs, and fresh powder. Oh, and a frosty brew to enjoy during a long après session.

Where is your favorite ski destination with great beer? Tell us below.

And read on for a list of the best spring break destinations for suds-loving skiers and snowboarders.

To Draw Millennials, a Stronger Beer Made to Suggest Spirits

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By: The New York Times

That question may be asked as MillerCoors brings out a product in a growing category of the estimated $30 billion American beer market: brews with higher alcohol by volume, meant to compete against liquor for the favor of consumers ages 21 to 27. The Still Life with a keg of beer and draft beer by the product, called Miller Fortune, has recently been arriving in stores; the introductory advertising is on the way.

(For those wondering how Fortune could be a beer when it is already a magazine, it is not unusual for marketers to use a name already selling one type of product to sell another. Examples include Dove, for soap and chocolate, or Delta, for airplanes and faucets.)

Sixer: Just the sweet stuff

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By: Draft Magazine

A dash of sugar, a spoonful of honey and doses of other sweet fermentables add complexity (and a bit more booze!) to these sipping iStock_000009227815XSmallbrews.

Colorado Vixnu Imperial IPA: This 9.5%-ABV Brazilian brew reimagines an IPA with Rapadura cane sugar, which weaves tasty burnt sugar notes through peachy hops and toasted bread flavors.

Founders Sweet Repute: Residual syrup inside the maple barrels that aged this 12.6%- ABV wheat wine kick-started an unintentional secondary fermentation and laced the brew with lip-smacking sweetness.

Beer Cheat Sheet: 29 Facts and Tips to Savor with your Favorite Malt Beverage

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By: WeightWatchers

Beer bellies, the traditional male malady, are enough to put either sex off the idea of downing a cold one. But they’re a fallacy, Beer in glassessays Charlie Bamforth, PhD, chair and professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of California, Davis, and author of Beer: Health and Nutrition (Wiley-Blackwell, 2004). “This is a silly myth. If folks get fat from drinking beer, it’s because their total calorie intake is too high, and they are not working it off.”

Draft Magazine-America’s 100 Best Beer Bars 2014

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By: DraftMagazine

After six years of making this annual list, we had to rethink the definition of a top-notch beer bar. New ones iStock_000014224879XSmallare opening every second, and “good beer bar” no longer equals a zillion taps; there’s just more to it now. We needed to walk out of these places saying, “Now there’s a bar that really, really cares about your experience with beer.” So what does that mean? Having well-cared for, thoughtfully selected beer with an eye toward variety, trends and tradition, in the kind of place you’d want to stay awhile, delivered by someone who knows their stuff. We don’t want to send you to a place where the server doesn’t look up from her texting when you ask questions, or where you’ll be told a saison “is basically a lager.” (And yes, both of those things happened on our visits.) We’d rather you to go to ChurchKey in D.C., where beers are smartly grouped by flavor (citrusy, woodsy, etc.), rather than just by style. We want you to go to Bailey’s Taproom in Portland, Ore., which cares so much about beer freshness, the digital menu says when each keg was tapped and how much is left. We want you to go to all 100 of these places, because they really are a cut above the rest.

Beachwood Brewing’s ‘Beachwood Six’ Named Top Beer of 2013 By DRAFT Magazine

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By:  LongBeachPost

Just months after winning five medals and being named Best Mid-Sized Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, Long iStock_000003699391XSmallBeach’s Beachwood BBQ and Brewing has garnered even more acclaim for its beers.

DRAFT Magazine, the country’s largest bi-monthly magazine dedicated to craft beer, named Beachwood Six–a smoked black saison brewed to commemorate the sixth birthday of the Long Beach brewpub’s sister Seal Beach location–one of the 25 best beers of 2013. 

In the magazine’s end-of-the-year issue, DRAFT’s beer editor Christopher Staten listed Beachwood Six along with 24 other bottled brews as ones that defined unpredictable beers that played on traditional beer styles while celebrating weirdness and experimentalization.

California breweries, led by Beachwood, dominate beer fest

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California brewers, led by Long Beach’s Beachwood Brewing, dominated the competition at the Great American Beer Festival this past weekend.

Nearly 50,000 beer fans, brewers and industry professionals coiStock_000011720511XSmallnverged on Denver for what has become one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the country. This year, the festival’s 27th, more 600 breweries poured their beers over the four sessions of the weekend-long festival, and the competition saw more than 4,000 entries in over 80 categories.

California breweries took home 52 of the 250 medals awarded, with about half of those going to breweries from the Southland and San Diego.

Beachwood Brewing was a big winner, taking home five medals as well as the Mid-Sized Brewpub of the Year award. Beachwood won gold medals for its Kilgore Stout and Foam Top cream ale, a silver medal for its Utter Love Milk Stout, and bronze medals for its System of a Stout and Barrel Aged Full Malted Jacket.