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7 Spicy Craft Beers to Try

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Sriracha, the beloved and now iconic chili sauce, has made its way into chips, hummus, and even ice cream, so it was only a matter of time before a brewery rolled out their own tangy take. And here it is: Oregon’s Rogue Ales announced that they will be releasing a Sriracha Hot Stout in December. The brewery is no stranger to spicy beer; they also make a Chipotle Ale that is brewed with roasted jalapeños grown on Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

USA Vs. Belgium: If The World Cup Were Played In Beer

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The Americans have the spunk, the vigor and a willingness to try anything. The Belgians have the art, the creativity and the Beer in glassestradition of world-class success. We’re not just talking about their looming World Cup matchup here. We’re also talking about beer.

The topic of beer and the World Cup is now bubbling around in the highest offices of the two nations.

Glassware 101

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Large beer goblet chilled

What beer goes in what glass, and does it really make a difference, anyway? Our Cliff’s Notes version of Glassware 101 gives you the
lowdown on the nine glasses you need in your collection.

Glacier Design Systems, Inc. Creates Unique Beer Towers for Tom’s Urban 24

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The Challengetoms

When Glacier Design Systems, Inc. received a phone call from a multi restaurant concept at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles – the project was in the middle of construction and the Tom’s Urban 24 location had arrived at a crucial decision;

 How are we going to make our beer tower both functional and attractive?

The original plan was to utilize “cobra ice towers”, which are beer towers/taps that require excessive amounts of ice, throughout the restaurant. However, requiring excessive amounts of ice in Southern California can be a tricky endeavor. Upon further discussion with General Manager Aaron Garisek, the team decided on something more in line with their overall design look.

Beachwood Brewing’s ‘Beachwood Six’ Named Top Beer of 2013 By DRAFT Magazine

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By:  LongBeachPost

Just months after winning five medals and being named Best Mid-Sized Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, Long iStock_000003699391XSmallBeach’s Beachwood BBQ and Brewing has garnered even more acclaim for its beers.

DRAFT Magazine, the country’s largest bi-monthly magazine dedicated to craft beer, named Beachwood Six–a smoked black saison brewed to commemorate the sixth birthday of the Long Beach brewpub’s sister Seal Beach location–one of the 25 best beers of 2013. 

In the magazine’s end-of-the-year issue, DRAFT’s beer editor Christopher Staten listed Beachwood Six along with 24 other bottled brews as ones that defined unpredictable beers that played on traditional beer styles while celebrating weirdness and experimentalization.

Crafting the Future of Draft

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Today’s craft beer drinkers have some characteristics that should definitely interest you. They are increasing in number; they are young (more than half are in the 21–44-year-old bracket); more than three-quarters of them earn more than $50,000 a year; and almost half have a college degree. They are mostly male, though the number of women in the group is steadily increasing. Their average check is $16 more than a mainstream, “premium” beer drinker spends; and while both drinkers tip about 17 percent, the craft drinker is tipping on a higher base.

Courtesy of: Harpoon Brewery


Sounds good, right? But keep in mind: The craft drinker’s first question to their server is usually, “What’s on tap?”

Drew Huerter is the chief brewer at Deep Ellum Brewing in Dallas, a brewery just over a year old, and he already knows how it works. “The people who want to spend money are going to be asking ‘What’s on your draft list, what’s new or special?’” he says, because they know that’s where the interesting stuff’s likely to be.

Don’t think that just because craft brands are small or local that they’re insignificant—craft brands are actually exploding, and taking serious share from established national brands.

“The largest 15 beer brands on-premise account for 61 percent of retail sales,” said Peter Reidhead, vice president of strategy at GuestMetrics. “This means the long ‘tail’ of nearly 3,400 smaller beer brands accounts for about 40 percent of sales in the on-premise space.”

That’s huge; and these brands skew much more towards draft.

Client Testimonial from Story Tavern

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Glacier Design Systems, Inc. strives to be the best they can be and client testimonials are an answer to their efforts, proving just how important reputable client relations really are.

Story TavernBelow is a testimonial from Brian and Diane Slaught, Owners of Story Tavern in Burbank:

When we were thinking about how to design our Draft Beer, Cider & Wine system at Story Tavern, we really had no Idea what was the most ideal way to get this done.  Time and again, we were told that Glacier Design Systems, Inc. would be able to solve this issue for us, and they did.  Not only is the equipment they provided and installed top of the line, but the hands on guidance and recommendations is what sets them apart from their competition.  Their realistic assessment of what could be done, and could not be done at Story Tavern was also invaluable.  Any bar that wants not only the best equipment, but also the soundest advice for installing and designing a Beer, Cider & Wine Draft system need only call Glacier Design Systems, Inc.

On behalf of the entire Glacier Design Systems, Inc. team, THANK YOU  Brian and Diane for your kind words and support!

To view images of the installation, visit our Featured Projects page.